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Fall Creek assessments shed light

on water quality


Scientists from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) Office of Water Quality were in Millersville in 2017 to do limited sampling of fish and macroinvertebrates (think bugs and snails and the like) in Fall Creek. Mostly, they were working on calibrating electrofishing equipment prior to the start of their field season. Formal sampling was scheduled to happen upstream after that and the study results published in 2018 show what's in the waters that flow into Millersville's stretch of Fall Creek.


The sampling, along with evaluation of habitats and water chemistry tests, measure the effects of pollution or other issues that can threaten the ecological health of our watershed.

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Fall Creek: What's in There?

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  • IDEM crew (left to right): Anna Settineri, Monika Elion, Stacy Burke, Kevin Gaston

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Wait. What?

  • The fish shown is a blackside darter. This particular species is found in medium-sized streams that have good water quality.

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