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Neighborhoods Initiative

Strong communities are built on the foundation of strong neighborhood alliances. Particularly in times of need, neighborhoods can come together and make things happen. Along the way, we want to have fun! And make this a place where interesting folks gather to meet one another and celebrate how special Millersville is.


Initiative goals

  • Unite our 30 neighborhoods and facilitate cooperative work toward common goals

  • Host meetings and social events to bring residents together across neighborhood boundaries and build a sense of belonging to our extended community



  • Verify map and reach out to all neighborhoods

  • Develop a database of important information about each neighborhood, key contacts and communication channels

  • Run neighborhood spotlight feature stories in Millersville e-newsletters

  • Plan and host a neighborhood leaders meet-and-greet with Millersville organization board members


Future plans

The sky's the limit. Let's get to know each other better. Communicate more. Get neighborhoods more involved in community activities and have some fun!

Want to help? Have ideas?

Come on, we need you. Get involved! 


Contact: Kate Dydo

[email protected]

Ph: 317-319-4743


There are 30 neighborhoods in Millersville!

Do you live in one of these?

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