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We need volunteers! These are just some of the

ways we could use your help. Let us know what interests you.


Quick-Hitter Litter Cleanups (monthly) Get on the list to be notified

of the next cleanup. If you can come for half an hour (or less), come! If not, no pressure. Contact Phyllis Starks: [email protected]


Regarding additional efforts to fight litter and other Beautification projects in Millersville, contact Matt Benson:

[email protected] | ph: 317-753-3198


Neighborhoods outreach – Help us connect and communicate with

the 30 neighborhoods that are part of Millersville.

Contact Amy Hammes: [email protected]


Schools We need a new leader and helpers for this initiative. We help kids, teachers and staff at our community schools with fun activities in class, behind the scenes and at special events.

Contact Amy Hammes: [email protected]


RecreationWe need a new leader for this initiative, too.

How about you? We hope next year will be a great time for some outdoor get-togethers. Plan and implement fitness-and-fun activities.

Contact Shirley Rohnke: [email protected] | ph: 317-340-0941


History helper – Help people discover Millersville's amazing history.

Contact Amy Hammes: [email protected]


Millersville Village Business owners and managers – Want to meet with other business owners, help promote them, or have other ideas about how to support our Village?

Contact Tom Eggers: [email protected] | ph: 317-545-8203