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Awards and Honors

Creating the Millersville at Fall Creek Preserve


2017 Indy Chamber of Commerce

Monumental Award for Public Art

(2nd place) Millersville Marker park sculpture


2016 White River Alliance Award winner  

"Excellence in Sustainable Design or Construction"


2016 Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center (INRC) Collaborative Spirit Award

(Finalist) Embracing the spirit of cooperation


2015 Arts Council of Indianapolis award

$20,000 for art in the park (sculpture)


2015 Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (KIB) / IPL

Project Greenspace award

$10,000 and project implementation support.


2015 SustainIndy Community Grant

Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee

$10,000 for development of pond conservation

area and pocket park


2013-2014 Upper White River Watershed Alliance Cost-Share Grant through Fall Creek Watershed Partnership and IDEM

$20,000 for developing a sustainable conservation and recreation site


2013 Northeast Corridor Quality of Life Plan 

$4,000 award for park benches


2012 IPL Golden Eagle Environmental Grant 

$1,000 for transforming an acre of land into a community recreational area



Beautifying Millersville


Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (KIB) Greenspace Sustainability Support:

2021- $1,000 for bronze hawk replacement at Preserve

2020- $560 for beautification project maintenance supplies  


2017 KIB Neighborhood Advancement Award

$1,000 for community engagement, beautification


2013 and 2012 Keep America Beautiful /

Lowe's II Community Improvement Grant

$5,000 for landscaping and maintenance materials


2011 KIB / IPL Project Greenspace award

$17,000 for landscaping, hardscaping and more



Honoring community excellence


2020 Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center

(INRC) Greatriarchs award - Melinda Hall

Honoring great community builders of Indianapolis


2012 Neighborhoods USA

Neighborhood of the Year Award

Multi-neighborhood partnerships (2nd place)


2011 INRC Collaborative Spirit Award - Winner

Community projects embracing the spirit of cooperation

Celebrating a colorful history


2015 Walmart Store, Inc.

$1,500 grant for community and history photos displayed at Neighborhood Market


2010 INRC IMAGINE grant

$5,000 for Treasures of Millersville tour and book


2010 IUPUI Dept. of Earth Sciences award

$1,400 for Treasures of Millersville book

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