Millersville at Fall Creek Valley

We’re volunteers, every one of us. Neighbors taking action to help make this 30-neighborhood, northeast-Indianapolis community more beautiful, clean, prosperous and safe.

Taking Care of a Place We Share

We celebrate Millersville’s natural beauty, fascinating history and the diversity of our neighbors as we work to keep it a place we love and the whole city can be proud of.

Get Involved

If you live, work or visit here, this organization is for and about you. Working together, we can protect and improve this special place. Together, we are Millersville.

About Us

We’re a grass-roots, all-volunteer, 100-percent-nonprofit organization promoting the common interests of our neighborhoods, businesses, churches and schools. We work to improve Millersville’s quality of life and promote its neighborhood character.

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Key Initiatives

As we reach out to our own community, city and state leaders and service providers, and potential funding and partner organizations to join in our efforts, here’s what we’re focused on.

Get Involved

We’re all in this together. This organization is totally powered by volunteers and donors. So please, join in! When you get involved, you help keep Millersville growing in the right direction.

Our Community


About Millersville

A bustling grist mill town that became one of Indy’s first suburbs. Millersville today is a unique, historic community spanning 30 neighborhoods, a commercial Village, part of the beautiful Fall Creek Trail, and points in between.

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