Community Plan

Our organization founders knew Millersville needed a plan to protect it and guide development. They asked for help from the Indianapolis Division of Planning, and the result was this invaluable roadmap, developed over two years with input from residents, businesses, schools, churches and other area institutions.

This plan was approved by the City of Indianapolis in 2012, and re-adopted in 2015, to help maintain and enhance the stability, livability and sustainability of the Millersville at Fall Creek Valley community.

It’s a guide for anyone making a decision about the use of property within the area – useful for property owners, developers, neighbors and neighborhood organizations, city staff and city boards and commissions. This plan is used by the City of Indianapolis to evaluate rezoning applications, project future population and employment concentrations, and prioritize capital improvements.

It includes a village plan focused on the retail area (centered on the intersection of Emerson Way and 56th Street) and the historic town of Millersville, and a corridor plan focused on Fall Creek and its approximately 30 adjacent neighborhoods.

A critical foundational tool, our plan helps us on our mission to:

  • Promote Millersville history, schools and culture

  • Protect its waters, parks and greenways

  • Preserve its diverse neighborhoods

  • Utilize community resources to safely connect homes, schools, shops and trails

  • Create a desirable and unique place to live, learn, work, play, and stay