Annual Meeting 2024

Important highlights from the Millersville at Fall Creek Valley (MFCV) community meeting on April 22, 2024

IMPORTANT at-a-glance meeting recap

Here you go. Your “CliffsNotes” recap of important and interesting information covered during the 2024 Millersville Annual Meeting. Take a few minutes right now to read through these


Watch for letter-writing campaign details

Critical connectivity

As mentioned in the meeting minutes, above, we’re still working hard to get the support we need for the final phase of a major safe-path community project. It can connect walkers and bikers to the Fall Creek Trail and Millersville Village, and provide a protected path over I-465, connecting Millersville with Lawrence.

Please watch Millersville enews / social media for upcoming details on a letter-writing campaign and lend your help to this important effort!


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