Millersville is a hidden gem in Indianapolis. Located in the heart of the Fall Creek valley, it has surprising natural beauty. We’re dedicated to enhancing and extending that beauty throughout the Village so we’ll always feel proud to call this place home. 


  • Village Gateway Gardens – We converted enormous, ugly, asphalt-covered street medians into stunning gardens at two key intersections.
  • Millersville at Fall Creek Preserve – We transformed a one-acre eyesore along Fall Creek into a picturesque park.
  • A Fighting Litter campaign and focused initiative
  • Millersville Fall Creek Overlook – We cleared and leveled a small jungle and created a 70-foot scenic overlook on the creek, next to the trail, including stone benches, new grass and native wildflowers.
  • We cleared invasives from both sides of the Emerson Way bridge in the Fall Creek Greenway, then planted a prairie rain garden to control stormwater runoff from the street, beautify and stabilize the slopes, and prevent invasive regrowth
  • Invasive bush honeysuckle removal along the Fall Creek Greenway from 56th Street to Emerson Way and other high-priority spots
  • Village landscaping – We planted 35 new trees, plus shrubs and flowers.
  • Landscape maintenance, including park and gardens fix-up events, seasonal planting, brush trimming along the trail for biker and walker safety, and other ongoing trimming, watering, weeding, mulching and more
  • Graffiti cleanup and cover-up
  • Reporting of damaged signs and fencing, downed trees, etc.

Future plans

  • Educational signage at the new Millersville Fall Creek Overlook (across the Parkway behind Walmart)

Ideas? Want to help?

Contact: Matt Benson

[email protected]