Fighting Litter

Litter and trash are not just unsightly and unhealthy, they drag down property values and pride in our own community. It’s an ongoing battle, and we have to fight dirty. 

Initiative goals

  • Beautify, renovate and revitalize our community
  • Combine public and private funds and grants with the power of volunteers to keep the area an attractive destination
  • Preserve and enhance the natural Fall Creek environment as a recreational and educational resource


    • Anti-litter campaign planning—partnering with movers and shakers and groups who helped us leverage community, city and state resources and programs
    • Annual Great Millersville Cleanup in the spring
    • Popular monthly Quick-Hitter Litter Cleanups
    • Keep Millersville Beautiful promotional efforts—including face-to-face meetings; window decals and handouts; social media, newsletter and website communications used to reach Village business and property owners and managers, schools, churches and neighbors
    • Binford Boulevard cleanups—in partnership with city councilors and work-release crews
    • Kids’ ecology awareness event, including writing and delivering “litter letters” to the Mayor personally, and talking with him about the problem
    • Reporting of illegal trash dumping and other eyesores

    Ideas? Want to help?

    Contact: Matt Benson

    [email protected]