Getting things done is rewarding and fun.

We are all volunteers and we always need more helping hands! Here are some of the ways you can do good things and have some fun. And if you have a different idea about something you could work on, let’s hear it.

Come on, join in! Nothing is possible without support from people just like you.


(New!) Safe Sidewalks Committee – Join a team working on strategies necessary to get safe connectivity projects done in our community. Two planned pathway projects that will help walkers and bikers get to and from schools, our Fall Creek Trail and Millersville Village are defined but stalled. Volunteer now to help get support from adjoining neighborhoods, local government and funding sources. Contact our board at [email protected]

Neighborhoods outreach – We really need some help getting better connected with the 30+ neighborhoods that are part of Millersville. Contact Cac Diehr at [email protected] or phone 317-501-0060

Millersville Village Business owners and managers – Want to meet with other Village businesses, help promote them, or have other ideas about how to support them? Contact Tom Eggers at [email protected] or phone 317-344-2000

Volunteer with Millersville

Schools – We need a new leader and helpers for this initiative. You can help kids, teachers and staff at our community schools with fun activities in class, behind the scenes and at special events. Do a lot or do just a little! Contact Cac Diehr at [email protected] or phone 317-501-0060

History helper – Help people discover Millersville’s amazing history. Newsletter articles? A history tour? What are your ideas? Contact Cac Diehr at [email protected] or phone 317-501-0060 

Special events – We hope to pull off one or more fun community events in the coming year. Want to help? Contact Cac Diehr at  [email protected] or phone 317-501-0060

Volunteer with Millersville

Quick-Hitter Litter Cleanups– Get on the list to be notified of the next monthly cleanup. If you can come for half an hour, come! If not, no pressure. Contact Phyllis Starks at [email protected]


More Beautification – We’d love to have you help sometimes with planting, weeding and other gardening, or select community park landscape maintenance activities. Contact Matt Benson for more information, at [email protected] or phone 317-753-3198

Do Good Things!  Check out this FUN video by Nicki Laycoax, featuring Millersville volunteers working on the Gateway Gardens.