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In 2009, Millersville neighbors had a big idea. To transform two enormous, crumbling concrete medians into colorful planted beds to brighten up Millersville Village. For a long time, we couldn't get the approvals we needed. But we persisted and, later on, things came together.


In 2011, with help from our Mayor's neighborhood liaison, we got the green light and help with demolition and reconstruction from Indy's Department of Public Works. With a Greenspace award through Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (KIB) and IPL, we were able to fund a landscape architect's plan and buy hundreds of shrubs and flowers.


Enthusiastic, hard-working volunteers from our neighborhoods, KIB, and other supporters then made magic happen - filling in the roadway islands and creating stunning, welcoming focal points in Millersville.


Thanks to tireless volunteers over the years since, and donations from supporters we love, these remarkable oases continue to be living tributes to community pride and the volunteer spirit.


Gardens are at two major intersections on Fall Creek Parkway - one at Kessler Boulevard and one at Emerson Way.

Gateway Gardens



Gorgeous gardens, created and maintained by volunteers,

say to all who pass by, "We care about our community."