Great Millersville Cleanup

Thanks to our volunteers and supporters!

You made our 2023 spring cleanup a big success.

Thanks to 40 pairs of helping hands and more wonderful supporters, our Great Millersville Cleanup on Saturday, April 15th, was a smash!

We had sunshiny skies and smiling faces. A great group and a great day! All that nasty, ugly litter in and around the Village, the Fall Creek Trail, and surrounding roadsides? Gone. All that icky floating garbage around the pond at The Preserve? Outta here.

These amazing volunteers made Millersville a cleaner, more beautiful place:

  • Robin Allen
  • Mike Avey
  • Gina Bachtel
  • Matt Bassett
  • Matt Benson
  • Mollie Benson
  • Susan Cassada
  • Karen Godfrey Choate
  • Andrea Dalton
  • Cac Diehr
  • Karen Fodor
  • Tom Fodor
  • Bill Hacker
  • Ginny Hacker
  • Geoff Hall
  • Melinda Hall
  • Nathan Hammes
  • Penny Handshaw
  • Peggy Harlan
  • Monique Howell (and two kids)
  • Calvin Johnson
  • Kim Klika
  • Jon Martin
  • Tim Mattingly
  • Ashley Merryman (and kids Fynn, Grant and Max)
  • Robbie Miller
  • Chris Pitzer
  • Amy Schrader
  • Brad Schrader
  • Laurie Schrader
  • Mary Ann Shurig
  • Marilyn Slemenda
  • Phyllis Starks
  • Chip Sutton
  • Steve Talley
  • Nancy Wheeler
  • Robin Zumbaugh
  • Tim Zumbaugh

Special thanks to:

  • Matt Benson and Phyllis Starks, for organizing the event
  • John Zubak for meeting space and dumpster privileges at his White and Champagne Building
  • Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, for gloves and garbage bags
  • Starbucks, for hot coffee
  • Matt and Mollie Benson, for snacks and water
  • Mollie Benson and Amy Hammes for publicity
  • Melinda Hall for painting over graffiti 
  • Matt Benson for trimming dead plants at the Overlook and Preserve

Learn more about Fighting Litter in Millersville and our monthly Quick-Hitter Litter Cleanups.